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Deed by Married Women - Arabella Diana Bannerman

Deed by Married Women - Arabella Diana Bannerman

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Certificate of acknowledgement of deeds by married women. Arabella Diana Bannerman, wife of Sir Alexander Bannerman Baronet. Witnessed by James Carthew and Edward Francis Groom. City of Westminster. 27 June, 1867. Made between Lord George Henry Cavendish, James Aurl, The Right Honorable George John Earl Delawarr, The Honorable Charles Richard Sackville West Lord West, The Honorable Reginald Windsor Sackville West, The Honorable Mortimer Sackville, Francis Charles Hashings Russell and Lady Elizabeth his wife, The Most Honorable James Brourilow William Gascoyne Cecil Marquis of Salisbury, The Most Honorable Mary Catherine Marchioness of Salisbury, John Alexander Mainley Purniger, Reverend Gerald Wellesley, Edward Pery Buckley, Frederic Wildman Burnett, Henry Wellesley Lightfoot.


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