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Deed by Married Women - Frances Longstaffe

Deed by Married Women - Frances Longstaffe

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Certificate of acknowledgement of deeds by married women. Frances Longstaffe, wife of Charles Longstaffe. Witnessed by Charles Smith and John Hensman. County of Northampton. 29 October, 1845. Made between Richard James, John Phipps, William Wales, Thomas Comfield Haddon, Robert Pape Thomas Dumbleton, Henry Billington Whitworth, Edward Harrison Barwell, Marmaduke Newby Archibald Robertson, Samuel Percival, George Peach, William Turner, Edward Colton, William Stanton, Thomas Sharp, Joseph Adnitt, John Groom, George Baker, William Williams, George Rands, John Percival, William Muddman, Joel Edens.

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