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Deed by Married Women - Mary Anne Carter

Deed by Married Women - Mary Anne Carter

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Certificate of acknowledgement of deeds by married women. Mary Anne Carter, wife of The Reverend Thomas Thuleson Carter. Witnessed by Stephen Williams and George Lewis Phipps Eyre. County of Middlesex. 26 October, 1864. Made between George Nutcombe Oxenham, Caroline Nutcombe Oxenham, Henry Badcock, The Reverend Robert John Gould, Jane Georgiana Oxenham, The Honorable and Reverend Charles Amyand Harris, The Reverend William Adolphus Carter, Charlotte Elliott, Robert Willes Blencorve, John Hellyer Tozer, The Reverend John Nutcombe Gould, Frances Gould, Hannah Nutcombe Gould, James Wentworth Buller, Anne Oxenham, George Hume, The Reverend Charles John Hume and Caroline his wife, Anne Dorothea Oxenham, Charles Rowcliffe, Edward Rowcliffe.

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