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Deed by Married Women - Mary Phillipps

Deed by Married Women - Mary Phillipps

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Certificate of acknowledgement of deed by married women - Mary Phillipps wife of John Phillipps

Witnessed by Thomas Nicks and Richard Child Heath

County of Warwick. Date 14-5-1857

Made between Thomas Heward, Mary Bacon, Thomas Orton, Elizabeth Jenks, Ann Ley, Victor de Thier, Mary de Thier, John Darling Hextall, George Hextall, Daniel Earp, Ann Earp, Mary Hextall, Elizabeth Hextall, WIlliam Hextall, Sarah Hextall, John Corah, Hannah Corah, Robert Baker, Richard Wileman, Mary Wileman, Susannah White, Isabella Phillipps, Joseph Langton, Ann Langton, John Russell, Sarah Russell, Elizabeth Orton, John Orton, Edward Thomas Orton, Jane Helen Orton, William Henry George Patterson, Christina Septima Patterson, William Bacon, Ann Bacon, Robert Stephenson, Sir Joshua Walmsly and Joseph Sanders the younger

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