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Deed by Married Women - Sarah Adohead Emley

Deed by Married Women - Sarah Adohead Emley

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Certificate of acknowledgement of deed by married women - Sarah Adohead Emley wife of Thomas Emley.

Witnessed by Jonathan Longstaff Forster and Edward Mather.

Made between Anne Appleby, Catherine Hodgson (Widow), Catherine Hodgson (Spinster), Thomas Sidebottom Adohead, Richard Hodgson, Edward Adohead Hodgson, Thomas Hodgson, Joseph Hodgson, James AAdohead Hodgson, Andrew Watson Hodgson, John Appleby Hodgson, Frederick Hodgson, Alice Christiana Hodgson, Edmund Hannay Watts and Andrew Watson Hodgson.

County of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Date 10-3-1860

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